Kyrie Is Money

Team USA has been scrimmaging a select team to help prepare them for the Olympics. Kobe Bryant is obviously one of the players headed to the London games. Kyrie Irving is one of the players providing some competition this week.

That all culminated with a big money wager between the two NBA stars, but first, there’s actually a little backstory on this video that a few people have missed. Bryant said earlier this week that he was “ripping [Kyrie] a little bit.”

Although Bryant also called Irving “great” and “impressive,” the Lakers shooting guard also admitted teasing him about how little he’s seen the Cavs point guard considering, “At Duke he only played two games, and in Cleveland…we’re up by 30 at the end of the first quarter, so I don’t get to chance to see [him.]”

So Kobe started it, but Kyrie was determined to end it, wagering $50,000 to charity on the outcome of a one-on-one game.

ESPN breaks down how the matchup might have played out.

CBS talks about how Irving’s moxie impressed everyone at the U.S. camp…although I’m not sure if LeBron’s rave reviews will make Cleveland fans feel any better.

And finally, Kyrie himself weighed in:


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