At the Break

Reds: 47-38, one game in back of the Pittsburgh Pirates in the National League Central


  • 17th in runs
  • 21st in hits
  • 9th in homeruns
  • 16th in bases on balls
  • 11th in strikeouts*
  • 27th in stolen bases
  • 20th in batting average
  • 20th in on-base percentage
  • 11th in slugging percentage


  • 4th in ERA
  • 9th in saves
  • 30th in walks*
  • 11th in strikeouts
  • 12th in shutouts
  • 1st in complete games
  • 28th in wild pitches*
  • 1st in forward rolls


  • 28th in errors*
  • 29th in double plays
  • 3rd in fielding percentage

Indians: 44-41, three games in back of the Chicago White Sox in the American League Central


  • 11th in runs
  • 12th in hits
  • 21st in homeruns
  • 1st in bases on balls
  • 29th in strikeouts*
  • 12th in stolen bases
  • 15th in batting average
  • 4th in on-base percentage
  • 17th in slugging percentage


  • 28th in ERA
  • 8th in saves
  • 6th in walks*
  • 28th in strikeouts
  • 12th in shutouts
  • 13th in complete games
  • 1st in wild pitches*


  • 25th in errors*
  • 3rd in double plays
  • 5th in fielding percentage

*Categories where it is better to be 30th than 1st. For instance, the Indians have thrown more wild pitches than any team, so they’re ranked 1st. The Reds are tied for 28th in that category because only the Phillies and Orioles have shown as much control.


2 thoughts on “At the Break”

  1. Nice info Lori, great as always, I’ll have to read more of it when I’m awake tomorrow. While I do not watch sports much anymore, I keep hearing that the Reds need more offense. While the pitching numbers look well, seeing that they’re G-String in hitting and other rankings in the 20’s, in terms of stealing bases and actually getting on base, tells me they have some work to do during the break.

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