It’ll Happen…Unless It Doesn’t

There is much not to like about the Rick Nash saga dragging out. Even though the club has to wait until they can get the best return for the winger, it’s still hard to hear the snickers of national analysts, the references to Columbus as the “Island of Misfit Toys,” the insinuations that no talented player would ever want to call Nationwide Arena home.

The threat of “this getting ugly” hangs over the CBJ and its fans like the Sword of Damocles.

But the rumors! The rumors make the situation almost intolerable. Everyone pretending to be an expert. Everyone claiming to have a monopoly on “inside information.”

And the attention-seekers alternately give Blue Jackets fans hope (if they like what they hear) or plunge them into despair (if they hate what they hear).

But at least, they sometimes provide some unintentional humor as well.


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