Summer League Signings

This is a list of NBA summer league players I thought you might have an interest in. All players were named part of the roster by multiple media outlets, or listed by the team’s official website. Some players are included more than once, because teams have the option of playing in Las Vegas and/or Orlando this offseason.

Atlanta Hawks (Las Vegas)-Northwestern’s John Shurna, Wisconsin’s Jordan Taylor and Brian Butch, Purdue’s Chris Kramer

Boston Celtics (Orlando and Las Vegas)-Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger

Detroit Pistons (Orlando)-Cincinnati’s Yancy Gates

Golden State Warriors (Las Vegas)-Ohio State’s Dallas Lauderdale, Dayton’s Chris Wright, Michigan State’s Draymond Green

Indiana Pacers (Orlando)-Cincinnati’s Lance Stephenson, Purdue’s Chris Kramer

Milwaukee Bucks (Las Vegas)-Cincinnati’s Rashad Bishop

Minnesota Timberwolves
(Las Vegas)-Ohio State’s William Buford

Philadelphia 76ers (Orlando)- Dayton’s Devin Searcy and Chris Johnson

Phoenix Suns (Las Vegas)-Ohio State’s David Lighty

Portland Trailblazers (Las Vegas)-Ohio State’s Jon Diebler

Sacremento Kings (Las Vegas)- Cincinnati’s Yancy Gates

Note: Scouring all the NBA team webpages, I learned that there are a lot of dance team auditions going on right now. And kudos to Orlando for addressing Dwight Howard’s trade request. (Indeed it’s their site’s top story.)

EDIT: I mistakenly went with an old roster and forgot that David Lighty changed his mind, deciding to play for Phoenix rather than Atlanta after the Johnson trade. Thanks to Johnathan Braverman for the heads up!


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