Development Camp: Day One

Who’s On the Ice…

Development camp started today for the Blue Jackets. Running the on-ice drills were coaches from the Jackets AHL affiliate in Springfield, a goaltending consultant whose background includes working with European netminders, and in his new role in player development, former CBJ forward Chris Clark.

“He’s going to be a great addition to our staff,” said GM Scott Howson of Clark. “He’s got a great experience, and the more he gets to know these players on the ice and professionally and personally, the better.”

As for the players participating in today’s drills?

“They all caught my eye. I was pleased with the pace,” said Howson, “I think the ice got tough there at the end, and they plowed their way through that, so it was a good session.”

Springfield coach Brad Larsen agreed. “The effort was great, which is what we were looking for.”

Larsen was also looking for a fun way to end today’s workout, and thus the practice ended with the team that lost during the final drill crawling across the ice, holding each other’s ankles. It’s called the Finnish Worm, and you can see it in the photo gallery below.

Ryan Johansen…

Johansen’s physique has changed noticeably. He’s gained 14 pounds since inviting strength intern Jeff Conkle to live with him.

“We’ve been going a little crazy,” Johansen said, but added he could still do more. “It’s still early in the summer.”

He’s already jumped from 206 pounds to just under 220, and that’s added to his confidence. “I know what I need to do,” said Johansen. “It’s all on me now to go out and do it.”

This and that…

Former Springfield coach Rob Reily has accepted a job with the organization and so will be one of the Blue Jackets scouts. Forward Cam Atkinson was the first on the ice today, and–as you can see in the photo gallery included in this post–was in the front row when the coaches gave lessons at the whiteboard. Atkinson also updated his Twitter account with a new headshot and was hoping (hint, hint) to pick up some followers.


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