NBA Draft Summary

I wanted to post this earlier, but due to the power outage affecting Ohio, this was as soon as I could share what the analysts are saying about:


USA Today gave the selection of Dion Waiters a C-, saying he fills a need and “has a lot of talent, but the pick seems to be a reach with Thomas Robinson and Harrison Barnes on the board.” Trading for Tyler Zeller earned the Cavs a C+. “The Cavaliers overpaid, but they do need help inside, and Zeller should fit well with Irving and Waiters.”

ESPN’s Chad Ford had a much more positive assessment of the Cavaliers draft, giving them an A-. “Waiters is the most dynamic scorer in the draft — his ability to get to the basket is truly special…I’m more agnostic about the Zeller pick. He’s not going to be a great NBA center, but he runs the floor well and can play right away.”

CBS thought taking Waiters was a risk, but still gave it a B. As for the trade they made acquiring the Mavericks selection (#17 overall)? “The Cavs are stockpiling size and to get Zeller this late is a huge value pick.”

“Just because the Cavs made a surprise pick at No. 4 doesn’t mean it was the wrong pick,” Sports Illustrated said. “And I’d be killing them here if the guy they got Syracuse shooting guard (Dion Waiters) was someone on whom other teams weren’t nearly as high. But that wasn’t the case…” That helped earn them an A from SI. They also liked Zeller, calling him tremendous value for a team that needed size and scoring up front.”

Finally, Fox Sports gave the Cavs a C-. “For a team with such a talented and proficient point guard in Kyrie Irving, adding a ball-dominating, undersized combo guard [in Waiters] so high doesn’t seem to make much sense. They followed that with a trade that netted them a solid borderline starting center.” They also reminded readers that the Cavs trade for Zeller cost them a shot at Draymond Green.


USA Today liked the Celtics using the 21st pick on Jared Sullinger. “Sullinger can play power forward or center and would be an ideal replacement for (and possibly an upgrade on) free agent Brandon Bass. The back is a risk, but this pick is all about value. Sullinger should come in and contribute right away.” They gave this pick an A-.

ESPN’s Chad Ford gave Boston an overall grade of a B, saying about the Sullinger pick specifically: “His upside might not be great, but he has a chance to be a wide body who can score in the paint and rebound.”

CBS couldn’t think more highly of Jared Sullinger, giving that pick an A. “High value, high talent and a great fit.”

Sports Illustrated was similarly impressed. “There’s something great about an organization that does things the right way cutting through the white noise to pick a good basketball player.” So Boston received an A-.

Fox Sports gave the Celtics a B+, but it was their later selections that hurt them. As for Sullinger? “The Celtics got incredible value with Sullinger at 21. The red flags will end up turning into a blessing in disguise for Boston, and will do the same for Sullinger, who gets to play for a world-class coach who should maximize his abilities.”


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