Big Ten Network Talks to Buckeye Big Man…on Campus

The NBA draft is tomorrow and Jared Sullinger is poised to become the 7th Ohio State player taken in the first round since 2007. (He would be joining Oden, Conley, Cook, Koufos, Mullens and Turner in that category.)

Sullinger spoke to the Big Ten Network about that, and BTN has now posted the video online.

What the video makes clear is that Sullinger is going to miss Ohio State. “I love this place,” he told analyst Jim Jackson as they walked around campus. “I’m just glad I got two years instead of one.”

He did, however, admit there was a lot of pressure being a Buckeye. And helping him to deal with that pressure, especially now with the draft approaching, is former Buckeye Evan Turner. “I talk to Evan all the time,” Sullinger said.

As for draft night? Sullinger anticipates there may be some tears. “That might be an emotional night for not only me, but for my family, because we all dreamed of being in the NBA, and I’m actually going to be able to participate in my dream.”


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