Photobombing Nail Yakupov

A friend sent me a link today that took me to a story by Yahoo’s Puck Daddy, the entertaining, irreverant, hockey blogger.

The headline seemed promising…

So far so good. A human interest story about the number one draft pick. Flirtatious? I wasn’t sure about that, but he seemed like a good guy when I accidentally ran into him on the red carpet Friday. Therefore, I thought I would…AAAACK! Wait! Who is that in the hat???

That’s right. Puck Daddy wrote an article about Nail Yakupov flirting, and the photo he included was my accidental run-in with the Russian. Well played, Getty Images. Well played.

Anyway, for the record, Nail is not about to give me his phone number. I am not telling Yakupov how cute he’d look in a Blue Jackets sweater. In fact, if you look closely, you can see I’m actually taking a photo of my own.

And with that, BOOM! I have now one-upped the movie Inception. Forget a dream within a dream. This is a blog about a blog post that includes a photo of a photographer as well as the photo the photographer was taking. Bend your mind around that one!

One last thing: Yes, boss. 97.1 The Fan logo in a picture that’s gone national. My annual review is coming up, right?


4 thoughts on “Photobombing Nail Yakupov”

  1. Yeah right Lori, he’s writing his number down for you and you’re taking a picture of him, so you can later print it out, place it in a frame next to some candles, and pretend to have dinner with him every night. Also, was Yahoo trying to plant an idea in your head so that when you go to sleep tonight, you’ll really think that you two were flirting and that this will have wider implications for you in the waking world, in that you cannot tell the difference from a dream and reality, and truly believe that you two were flirting with each other. Confused?

  2. Once again your wit and humor scream for a larger audience. Please send this to your bosses. Put this lady on the air. And give her a raise.

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