Davidson Links

Ever since the Columbus Dispatch reported that John Davidson had interviewed with the Columbus Blue Jackets, CBJ fans have eagerly waited word on whether the Blues president would indeed move to Columbus to help a club that has been absolutely hemorrhaging credibility.

And here are a number of links that should help you keep up with what’s going on in this story:

First, for some background on Davidson, here’s his biography from the St. Louis Blues website.

To go with that, here’s a look at the top ten decisions of the Davidson era from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Here’s the original report from the Dispatch that started all the speculation, plus the latest from Aaron Portzline, in which he points out a timetable on when Davidson will make his next move is unclear.

Yahoo’s Puck Daddy wonders what implications this would have when it comes to the relationship between the Blue Jackets and Rick Nash.

The bottom line is that Davidson would be a great addition to the Jackets. He took over in St. Louis when the team was running TV commercials with Blues players delivering flowers and promising that they were “working hard to win you back.” He was–imagine this–honest about the challenge facing the team…and then met the challenge.

However, Davidson does has options, and it will be interesting to see if Columbus management is willing to hand JD what he wants, both in terms of money (He’s already making almost $2 million a season.) and just as importantly, power.

As we say in radio, stay tuned.

UPDATE: It seems like the belief outside of Columbus is that Davidson will not take the Blue Jackets job. This piece from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says, “It would be surprising to see Davidson go there.” Meanwhile, Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal thinks Calgary will be Davidson’s eventual destination. On the other hand, New York reporters appear somewhat panicked by the idea that Davidson could keep Nash from landing with the Rangers.


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