2012 Draft Roundup


CBS Sports: Calls the Bengals draft haul, “arguably…the best draft enjoyed by any team in 2012.” Praises Cincinnati for picking “prospects who each could fill areas of concern while also ranking among the top prospects available.” A

ESPN’s Mel Kiper: “The Bengals didn’t hit any home runs in value, but as we sat on the set, we’d nod to each other with every pick.” A-

ESPN’s Jamison Hensley: Hensley agrees that the Bengals had one of the strongest drafts this year, but would have liked to see them do more to address their need at wide receiver. “Overall, this is the second great draft in a row for Marvin Lewis and the Bengals.” B+

Fox Sports: Fox thinks that Cincinnati’s first three draft picks could have easily all gone in the first round. Not surprisingly then, they give the Bengals a very high grade. A

NBC Sports: NBC describes the Bengals draft as being “chock full of contributors.” Cincinnati may have missed out on some playmakers early on, but, “they were able to go best player available at every spot while simultaneously filling their roster needs.” A

CBS Sports is one of the many media outlets that praised the Bengals


CBS Sports: CBS really likes the Browns first two picks, going so far as to call Trent Richardson, “arguably the best player in the draft.” However, reporter Rob Rang felt Cleveland’s draft fell apart a bit after that. “Frankly, in entering the draft with the most picks of any team (13), the Browns should have come out with more.” C

ESPN’s Mel Kiper: “The Browns will get questions on value, but they had a plan and stuck to it. There were good wideouts available at No. 37, so that’s the pick I question the most.” B-

ESPN’s Jamison Hensley: Although he feels the Browns made the right move to trade up in order to draft Trent Richardson, Hensley feels Cleveland could have traded down and still acquired quarterback Brandon Weeden. He likes that they filled a need by taking offensive tackle Mitchell Schwartz in the second round, but also feels they failed to do enough to upgrade at receiver.

Fox Sports: Describing the selection of Brandon Weeden as the number 22 pick as a “shocker,” Fox reminds Cleveland fans that it wasn’t all that long ago that the Browns took Brady Quinn with the 22nd overall pick. Fox seems to like the team’s other picks, outside of John Hughes on which Cleveland “reached.” C

NBC Sports: NBC likes that Cleveland nabbed three immediate starters with their first three picks, but doesn’t like that they left the wide receiver position unaddressed and felt that, “GM Tom Heckert’s late-round picks were less than inspired.” B


  • Offensive tackle Mike Adams was taken in the second round (56th overall) by the Pittsburgh Steelers. He denies an ESPN report that he volunteered to postpone receiving a signing bonus for a year and a half after testing positive for marijuana at the NFL combine. However, he does admit to driving to Pittsburgh in order to convince his hometown Steelers to put him back on their draft board. Now not only is Adams the “happiest second round draft pick in the world,” but quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has already given thumbs up to the move.
  • The Houston Texans traded down and grabbed wide receiver DeVier Posey in the third round (68th overall). Posey was quick in trying to get acclimated to his new team, eating lunch with teammate Andre Johnson Saturday, a luncheon the Texans set up.  While it appears that Posey’s acquisition will pave the way to Houston trading wide receiver Jacoby Jones, it sounds like the Texans believe they are making a significant upgrade.
  • Boom Herron grew up a Browns fans, but is more than happy that the Bengals took him in the sixth round (191st overall). He’s the first Buckeye Cincinnati has drafted since 1994.
  • He was ready to return to playing rugby, instead Nate Ebner rode his success on special teams at Ohio State and a stellar Pro Day, to a spot on the Patriots draft board. New England, perhaps on the advice of Mike Vrabel, took Ebner in the sixth round (197th overall).

Several of OSU’s undrafted free agents have also signed deals. Mike Brewster has inked with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Andrew Sweat and JB Shugarts with the Cleveland Browns.


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