A Blue Jackets Battle Cry

Aaron Portzline reports that the Blue Jackets are jettisoning the use of “Gotta See It Live” as a marketing slogan next year. The phrase, Porty claims, was “laid to rest in a quiet ceremony before friends and family,” which we all know is bunk, because “Gotta See It Live” had no friends.

“Gotta See It Live” is preceded in death by “All Out, All Season,” “Ignite the Night,” “Jackets Time!” and “Carry the Flag.”

And, of course, I’d love it if you posted suggestions for the next Blue Jackets battle cry in the comments section. Best idea will get a shout out on Twitter. 

(I know that’s lame as prizes go, but understand I hired the CBJ’s marketing consultants to come up recommendations on a reward.)


4 thoughts on “A Blue Jackets Battle Cry”

  1. How’s this for a slogan: “Come for the arena, stay for the hockey!” J/K! How about this: “Our Jackets, Our town!” Kind of like the Clippers who play across the street at Huntington, only with a CBJ twist.

  2. ‘It starts now!’ I think they still have some of the shirts buried somewhere in the depths of NWA where it is rumored that Boomer still shoots things in the air.

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