Today’s Links and A Spot of Bother

Being a fan of Charles Barkley has never been such a drag. Sir Charles is donning a dress for his latest commercial, and if that doesn’t convince you to buy Weight Watchers, maybe it will at least cause you to lose your appetite.

You may have heard that Ohio State fan Buck-I-Guy was in a car accident that may have involved a turkey. Well, now that story has garnered national attention, so all that’s missing is a PETA protest.

Athlon has written up a spring preview for the Ohio State football team. The Buckeyes are practicing in shorts and helmets Friday. Their first day of full contact work this spring is Saturday.

ESPN evaluated the general managers in the NHL’s Central Division using Tom Awad’s GVT (goals versus threshold) statistic for each GM’s draft picks. Chicago’s Stan Bowman wasn’t included because he hasn’t been on the job long enough.

Here are the results:

For a full breakdown, you have to be a member of ESPN Insider, and though it’s a worthy read, I think that chart gives you a pretty good idea.

However, there is good news for the Jackets when it comes to their arena deal.

Finally, some must-see video from New Zealand. It involves Kane Williamson taking an 86 mile-per-hour throw right in the “spot of bother.” The analysts then give detailed commentary on the damage done to Williamson’s cup, or “box” as they apparently call it south of the equator.

If that makes you squeamish, I really would not recommend watching to the part where they discuss “pinching.” But, hey, Williamson scored 102 runs despite the incident, which sounds impressive. Even more impressive, if he decides to do a Weight Watchers commercial, he’ll put Charles Barkley to shame. (Hat tip to NBC’s Off The Bench!)


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