Meyer Takes a Break from Taking a Break

Buckeye football coach Urban Meyer is on a little bit of a vacation, but he still took some time to talk to reporters. Now, we all know what he says to the Ohio State beat media in Columbus, but what is Meyer saying when he leaves the state?

A couple things that stand out to me…

  • Urban’s message is indeed incredibly consistent. He is saying the same things to the Salt Lake City Tribune that he says to the Columbus Dispatch: “I like my quarterback, which is key. I love it so far.”
  • Meyer looks incredibly at ease, maybe because he’s on a ski trip. That being said, Meyer insists his skiing consists mostly of him, “flopping around.”
  • Meyer admits that after he was accused of NCAA violations by Bret Bielema, “I think I made some comments that I probably wish I hadn’t.”
  • He again insists that he didn’t foresee Ohio State receiving a postseason ban. Despite not being able to play in the Big Ten Championship or a bowl game next year, though, he did praise the NCAA. “I’m an NCAA fan, I want them to increase the penalties, make them more difficult,” he remarked. “If someone is going to break a rule, I want everyone to know there’s going to be major penalty.”
  • Meyer thinks he might go back into broadcasting someday.

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