When You Add It All Up

Here’s a panic button. Go ahead, Blue Jackets fans. I’ll give you a moment to push it.

Come on. You know you want to.

There. Feel better?

No, you say? You hit the panic button and nothing happened?

That’s because hitting the panic button accomplishes nothing this early in the season.

Sure, we all know the numbers…

    • Five: The number of NHL teams without a win so far. But the Rangers, Flames, and Coyotes have only played two games. The Jets have had one. Columbus is the only winless team so far despite four chances to put one in the win column.
    • Zero: The number of power play goals in 20 tries.
    • Eight: The number of times Colorado has beaten Columbus in their last nine meetings.
    • Twelve: The number of points registered by the forwards on the Blue Jackets top line.
    • Five: The number of points registered by all other forwards.
    • One, One, Two: The number of shots Steve Mason has faced before giving up a goal in the past three games (ie. Minnesota and Vancouver both scored on their second shot, Colorado on their third).

That last stat comes courtesy of an Aaron Portzline tweet. Speaking of Twitter, some dang fool has told ESPN that they play hockey in Columbus.

Ok, Steve Levy is actually a hockey fan, so he probably knew about the Blue Jackets before last night.

And it’s unfair to pick on Levy when he’s just chiming in on a subject many CBJ fans are talking about. Just 8,986 fans showed up to watch the Blue Jackets and Avalanche.

That’s not good. In fact, it’s a small enough crowd that some are going farther than just hitting the panic button. They’re arguing that Columbus isn’t a hockey town.

But how many teams in the United States would still be drawing that well if they went a decade without a playoff win? Philadelphia? Maybe? The Rangers? Perhaps?

So no matter what the numbers say, it’s not time to panic. It’s getting close though, and the Blue Jackets know if they don’t improve, it’s their days that are numbered.


3 thoughts on “When You Add It All Up”

  1. It’s a shame the only press the Jackets seem to get Nationwide is negative. Certainly this start hasn’t helped, but I’d be hard pressed to agree that it has ‘begun’ the argument that Columbus isn’t a good hockey market. They’ve been saying that for years.

    I like what you’re thinking though Lori. It certainly doesn’t help that Atkinson’s demotion spurred trade talks earlier today, along with the constant retweeting of the number of NHL scouts in the building last night, but this is no time to panic.

    I really hope those who do still deem themselves a Jackets fan (or a hockey fan for that matter) show up to more games though. The team needs support more than ever now.

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