It’s All About the U…Unless You’re ESPN

It’s 8:34 am on the morning after a category five hurricane hit college football.  The folks at Michigan fan site MGoBlog have already put in some yeoman’s work, demonstrating that the top story is, without a doubt, the allegations of numerous violations at Miami.

And while reluctant to join hands in a spirit of fellowship* with fans of the school up North, I say kudos! Although, I would also like to suggest you could have gone one step farther.

After all, not only did The Sporting News, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, NBC, SB Nation and (naturally) Yahoo have the Hurricanes’ scandal as their headline, so did Sports Illustrated:

And USA Today:

Yes, ESPN’s front page did ignore the elephant in the room:

…But closer inspection reveals it wasn’t even the top story on their friggin’ college football page!

Well, surely their investigative arm, Outside the Lines, has it covered right?


*All kidding aside, the writers of MGoBlog do some very, very good work. As an Ohio University alum, though, I am begging, pleading with you to tell Brady Hoke to stop calling the Buckeyes “Ohio.” They are “Ohio State.” Ohio wears green and white and plays in the MAC. I’m serious. Tell him to cut it out. Now. It’s not cute.


8 thoughts on “It’s All About the U…Unless You’re ESPN”

  1. The Man living in the van down by the river is not the brightest. I am sure when he grazes in his bed at night he is quite proud of how clever he is calling the Buckeyes “Ohio.” Is it a lame attempt to mimic Coach Hayes calling UM “the team up north?” Perhaps but in the end, the Kettering slug will continue to bang his spoon against his bowl & attempt to stop the Wolverines from becoming the Notre Dame of the Big Ten.

      1. LOL! No, sorry, Max. Brady has clearly confused you. BUCKEYE fans do the O-H..I-O cheer. I am a BOBCAT. We generally do not cheer until the Marching 110 takes the field. We wear green and white. We play in Peden stadium, and our mascot beats on Brutus.

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