Waiting Is The Hardest Part

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We Listened To Miami Radio, So You Didn’t Have To

A lot has been made of how crazy Cleveland sports radio has been of late. The LeBron James talk has whipped the locals up into a frenzy, the story goes. The tweets of cupcake factories as well as those of street wear models are being taken as gospel. Guests are being put on their air when their sole credential is their brother once met James at a Benihana. Every segment is preceded by a chorus of Skylar Grey singing, “I’m Coming Home.”

Okay, that last thing might be true.

However, it’s not like Miami sports talk has been an island of sanity. In fact, we sampled WQAM today and heard the following:

Caller “Craig” insisted that LeBron will stick with the Miami Heat because, “People get settled into a situation, and moving is kind of stressful, you know?” (To his credit, Craig did eventually acknowledge that James still has a home in Akron, but not before also criticizing Dan Gilbert’s “witchcraft letter.”)

Although not accusing the Cavaliers owner of consorting with the dark forces, caller Rick also felt LeBron was staying put. “Does LeBron go home for the better future, or stay in Miami and take the status quo? Well, the status quo is alternating years winning championships and making it to the finals every year.”

Now his point about the Cavs’ roster being unproven is fine, but apparently the Heat are guaranteed to take the title this upcoming season, because they’ll play for it in an odd year?

It had the hosts of the Guzio and Donno Show wondering if all this was necessary. “That’s what I haven’t understood with any of this. Opting out? It puts pressure on Pat Riley? The guy knows he needs to make moves.”

They also wondered if pitching the idea of playing with Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins was such a great move for Cleveland. “That is a big mistake for the Cavaliers. You’re going to sell future to LeBron? He wants to win now.”

Actually, he probably wants to win now and in the future, but that’s not the pitch you want to use if you’re selling the Heat.

Next on the air was Adam Kuperstein and former Dolphin Channing Crowder. Crowder, you may remember once said…well, some not very nice things about Cleveland.

He continued playfully tearing into the city again today. “They usually sit there and watch the Cavs win 30 games and the Cavs win 5. Cleveland’s a tough place to live, man.” That, he said, is why they’re so excited about the thought of LeBron returning.

It’s more than excitement, assured his co-host. It’s downright delusion. “They think because a cupcake shop has reported LeBron James is coming, because some random dude tweeted that all the Cavs players think LeBron is coming, they all believe this is happening.”

Cupcake shop is apparently Chris Broussard’s new nickname.

Finally, The Marc Hochman Show with Zach Krantz opened with a nearly 4 minute musical tribute to LeBron, starting with James announcing his Decision four years ago today.

After that, they got a little bit distracted watching the beautiful women of Brazil mourning their team’s performance at the World Cup. “A Brazilian wax is surely better than a German wax,” Hochman assured us.

It was crazy, passionate sometimes contradictory conversation…In other words, just like the discussion going on in Cleveland, it was pretty fun.

Of course, for the best (in our biased opinion) sports radio, listen to 97.1 The Fan. Plus, be sure to check out our webcam!

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Sprinkle Arrest Report

You’ve probably read a summary of the police report elsewhere; but since we couldn’t find the full report on the web, we are posting the complete* account of police as to why they ended up arresting Buckeye Tracy Sprinkle at a nightclub in Lorain July 5th.

To read it, click here.

Ohio State today announced today that Sprinkle is not part of the team, pending the outcome of his legal case.

*Well, nearly complete. We did redact some information when it came to phone numbers and addresses of witnesses, and so forth. These redactions were made by us, not the police.

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Cleveland All A-Twitter About LeBron

LeBron James has yet to announce his Decision (Part Zwei), but the sense among Cleveland fans is that LeBron is interested in returning home to play for the Cavaliers.

Here are the tweet-by-tweet highlights of some of the most recent LeBron coverage:

See also Dustin Fox’s timeline. He’s tweeting a series of photos from Cavs fans who are sharing visual evidence that they didn’t throw away/donate/burn their LeBron jerseys when he left for the Heat.

Many of the pictures are accompanied by pleading for James to come back…Some of which is more effective than others.

If “my body is ready” becomes a trending hashtag, you’d have to think there’s no way LeBron could even think about signing elsewhere, right?

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Good Knight, Rutgers Mascot

The Big change for Rutgers this offseason has been their move to the Big Ten, but along with a new conference affiliation, they are also determined to give their mascot a new look…and perhaps some new weaponry.

Exercise, teeth whitening, a wardrobe upgrade? It all seems pretty tame compared to what happens when you’re an NBA mascot in need of a makeover.

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Maryland “Thinks B1G”

As of July 1st, it’s official. Rutgers and Maryland are members of the Big Ten. As a way to help introduce Terps fans to their compatriots in the league, they’ve done a series on each team in the conference.

Here’s what stood out to me about their profile of Ohio State:

Notable Former Athletes, Football: Jake Ballard, Mike Adams, A.J. Hawk, Terrelle Pryor, Malcolm Jenkins, Mike Vrabel

I’m not sure how Eddie George, Chris Spielman and Archie Griffin failed to make this list. While it may suggest a bias toward recent history, Jerry Lucas, John Havlicek and Bobby Knight made the cut when it came to notable former basketball players.

Also, Jack Nicklaus is included amongst the “notable alumni,” not notable former athletes.

So OSU fans, what do you think it’s important for Maryland and Rutgers fans know about the Buckeyes? Leave your suggestions in the comments section.

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MLS Statement on Postponed Crew Game

Major League Soccer on Sunday issued the following statement regarding the postponement of the Columbus Crew vs. FC Dallas match from Saturday, June 28 to Sunday, June 29 (2pm ET, MLS LIVE):

“Due to the inclement weather in Ohio and the unfortunate incident that occurred in the parking lot outside Columbus Crew Stadium last night, Major League Soccer made the decision to postpone the game between FC Dallas and the Columbus Crew,” said MLS Executive Vice President Dan Courtemanche. “The game has been rescheduled to 2 pm ET today.”
“The health and safety of our fans is always our top priority, and we believe it was the right decision to postpone the match. The decision to reschedule the game to Sunday afternoon was made by the League. When matches are postponed, MLS’ standard policy is to reschedule the game to the next day if possible. This policy is similar to other professional sports leagues. We apologize for any inconvenience to the fans.”

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